Ayurvedic Prakriti Nirdhan

Prakriti is a Sanskrit or Hindi word which means nature. In Ayurveda everything is based on nature or prakriti, also the inherited/ inbuilt characteristics of an individual or the nature of an individual. Ayurveda in its essence is the science of knowing prakriti and vikriti i.e., the nature and any pathological changes in it and to treat the vikriti to make it good and back to prakriti.

According to Ayurveda philosophy each individual has a basic nature or body type that is determined by the panchmahabhutas or the doshas -Vaat, Pitta and Kapha. If a person is well versed with his/her nature, he/she would be having a basic understanding of managing his body type so that he/she may manage his/her lifestyle and diet etc to keep himself healthy. In case of any pathological state or disease, it becomes easier to understand the route to recover if one knows his basic nature. In prakriti nirdharan we assess the body nature of an individual and then advise him about the best suited lifestyle and diet for the person to follow so as to keep himself healthy always.

Ayurvedic Prakriti Nirdhan

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