Ayurvedic Jivha Parikshan

Jihva means tongue, and Jihva Parikshan means analysing tongue to diagnose the disease or underlying pathology in an individual. This is a method of diagnosing a patient just as Nadi Parikshan is. Following the Jihva a perfect diagnosis could be made about the pathogenesis of disease and the underlying symptoms as well as the affected organs and symptoms of the patient. It is said in Ayurveda that the tongue is the mirror of internal organs’ health of a person and looking at the tongue one can judge the internal health of a person. This tools sometimes is the most important tool to diagnose when the symptoms and signs are not very clear so as to make a differential and confirmed diagnosis. It boosts the confidence of a physician to make a confirmed diagnosis and choosing the path of treatment.

Ayurvedic Jihva Parikshan

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